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The Baya Company is a new generation real estate developer specializing in redevelopment projects in Mumbai. While the company is young, its partners are highly qualified and have a combined experience of more than 50 years in the industry both in domestic and international markets. They have deep knowledge and experience of various aspects of development in real estate and have been associated with some of the largest projects in Mumbai.

Our diverse experiences have given us a unique point of view on the real estate sector and we created The Baya Company with end user centric set of values.

We think of this business as a Consumer Products business, not as a land acquisition or an investment business. We are delivering homes, a product that is probably the most expensive and the most important purchase in a customer's lifetime. We therefore put the product and the customer at the center of every decision.

We are passionate about design and we enjoy fussing over every little detail in the homes we build -- from the exact shade of paint, to the position of light switches, to the durability of the waterproofing. You will notice this when our sales team talk more about the efficiency of our floor plans and the design of our window systems than about the rate per square foot.

We want to delight the consumer every step of the way from the time they first hear about us until the time they take delivery of their homes. You will also notice this in the way we greet you when you come to our office and the regular updates you will get on the status of construction of your home.

We pride ourselves on our fairness and transparency. You will notice this when you see our floor plans and read our sales agreements.

It is said that the smallest details make the biggest difference. As you get to know us better, we hope to delight you with all the little details that make us different.

Our name is inspired by the Baya, a weaver bird that builds home-nests for its community with a level of meticulousness, attention to detail and warmth that is rarely found in nature.