Should you invest in a 2 bhk flat in Mumbai
Should you invest in a 2 bhk flat in Mumbai

Should You Invest in a 2 BHK Flat in Mumbai?

Mumbai, the economic capital of India is undoubtedly a big draw for dreamers and achievers alike. Due to the growth opportunities, fast-paced lifestyle, and an umpteen number of amenities available in the city, the real estate value is high here. Taking the decision to invest in a residential property in Mumbai, is no doubt a big step that must be taken after a lot of calculations. For example, purchasing a 2 bhk flat in Mumbai is undoubtedly going to be a significant decision. So, before taking the big step, pause and question yourself, does it make sense to invest in a 2 bhk flat in Mumbai? Let us help you here by discussing different aspects of the decision, the reasons that support it, and the conditions that prevent you from taking this leap, before you start looking for 2 bhk flats in Mumbai for sale.

Investing in a 2 bhk flat in Mumbai: How to decide?

Property investments are definitely critical decisions, which is why taking a generic approach can never work in your favor. Both the location and the property type in question here are exclusive, a 1 bhk would cost much less than a 2 bhk, and Mumbai too is comparably more expensive in terms of real estate value than other Indian cities. So, let’s break it down, and discuss the merits and demerits of both the location and property type.

Reasons to buy a flat in Mumbai:

We will start by discussing the reasons you should choose Mumbai as your home.

How long do you intend to be in Mumbai?

You might be a Mumbaikar or, you may be migrating to Mumbai for career purposes, in both situations when you are buying a flat in Mumbai, it is going to be your permanent residence for years to come. You might be a bachelor, or, a couple, or maybe a family with children, if you want to continue living in the city for years to come then taking this decision makes sense. If your activities are based in Mumbai and you have no plans to relocate, then instead of paying a fat rent every month, purchase a 2 bhk in Dadar.

A long-term investment with high ROI:

Even if you have any plans of shifting to some other place, say after 10 years or, after reaching a certain stage in your life, you can still go with this investment as this has long-term benefits. You can save on rent, and since the property value of Mumbai is high you can always think of it in terms of its resale value. The ROI is going to be lucrative for you. If you pay attention to the upkeep of your flat, and if it is in a good location then home buyers looking for 2 bhk flats in Mumbai for sale will be interested in your deal.

You have the financial stability:

Along with your residential requirements, you also have to factor in issues like living costs in a city like Mumbai,  as well as the lifestyle. Mumbai has a thriving cosmopolitan culture which gets reflected in the lifestyle of the residents. While buying your flat keep in mind the neighborhood and the lifestyle trend there, are you ready to keep up with that? The living costs would be high, so would the entertainment costs, the maintenance cost of the flat, along with the monthly payments if you take a home loan or, choose an EMI scheme. This is going to be your permanent residence for a long time, so think it through. Families who have little children or, couples who have plans to expand their family in the near future, need to calculate the cost of raising children as well.

 If you have a secure career and you are confident that you can sustain and thrive in this city, then let it be your home. 

Reasons to reconsider your decision

After considering the above-mentioned factors, if you feel that none of the reasons match your situation, then maybe you should reconsider your decision.  Especially if-

  • You are in a profession that requires you to relocate often.
  • You have a good job in Mumbai now, but there is no job security.
  • You are considering a professional future in some other city or, even abroad.
  • You are saving for retirement and want somewhere else to settle down.

Consider all the aspects before you reach the final decision. Now if you are convinced that you want a permanent residence in Mumbai, let’s move on to the decision of investing in a 2 bhk flat.

Why should you invest in a 2bhk flat in Mumbai?

A 2 bhk flat is definitely an expensive choice given the property rates in Mumbai city. So, the decision should be backed by sound reasons. You should definitely invest if you have the following reasons.


The properties in Mumbai come with hefty price tags. The cost of a 2 bhk in Dadar is going to be higher than a 1 bhk. So, compare the prices of 2 bhk flats available in the city, keeping your budget in mind. Will you pay the entire amount in one go? Do you need a home loan, or, an EMI scheme? Get your calculations right.  Especially, when a home loan or, an EMI scheme is involved you have to shell out a big amount every month. If you are confident that everything fits into your budget without upsetting your financial situation and plans for the future, go ahead.

The headcount justifies the space:

If you are a small family of four, or, three you definitely need some extra space. For example, for a family with children having access to 2 bedrooms is a necessity, even couples should opt for a 2 bhk, if they want to have children in the future. Even for bachelors having a 2 bhk makes sense, as they might want to get married and have a family later, or, for having a spare room for accommodating guests, friends, or, even their family if they come often for a visit. Investing in a 2 bhk in Mankhurd makes sense if and when you have the requirement for big space. The 2 bhk solves the space issue while being cheaper than a 3 bhk regarding pricing and maintenance costs.

Resale value:

A 2 bhk apartment in a city like Mumbai is going to be a lucrative long-term investment. If you want to sell the flat in the future, you can expect a good resale value. The demand for 2 bhk flats in Mumbai for sale will continue to rise, due to the growth prospects the city offers.

Also, keep these factors in mind before investing in a 2bhk:

  • The maintenance cost of a 2 bhk is going to be higher than a 1 bhk.
  • Property values fluctuate and are affected by different factors.
  • The amenities being offered with the 2 bhk flat at a certain price range.

Keep the above-mentioned factors in mind before you reach a decision to invest in a 2 bhk flat in Mumbai. Conclusion:  Buying a 2 bhk flat in a prime location in Mumbai is a cherished dream of many. Consider every factor well before you take the step towards fulfilling your ambition. We offer affordable 2 bhks in Mankhurd, and in other prime locations at a great price range, and we always prioritize the requirements of the home buyers while designing the apartments.

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