The Importance of Sustainable and Green Homes

While the modern urban living amenities have turned us into creature of comforts, many of the luxuries come at the cost of polluting and draining the environment. According to reports, India is the fourth biggest contributor of greenhouse gases in the world. But there is a way we can do our part for saving and preserving the environment — By living in sustainable and green homes.

A green home is designed while keeping environment and sustainability in mind, and focusing on the efficient use of water, energy, and other natural resources. In this article, we will be discussing how you can implement the concept of green homes by taking small steps to make a big change.

The different aspects of sustainable and green homes


In order to conserve energy, homes should be well-insulated, which can be done by installing low emittance windows and dual panes. Passive cooling should also be enabled by incorporating reflective coating on roofs, windows, and outer wall.

Windows should be big enough to let natural light come in, which will save electricity during daytime.

Waste management

Segregate your waste and recycle everything that you can. Keep your plastic usage at the bare minimum by using glass bottles instead of plastic ones and completely avoiding plastic straws.

Composting of biodegradable waste into fertilisers is a great way to reduce domestic waste. It allows you to recycle your waste for better purposes, which would have otherwise caused more pollution by ending up in landfills


Using LED lights and energy efficient appliances including ACs and washing machines can help cut down on electricity bills and save energy. Nowadays, many homes are leveraging solar energy for electrical needs like heating and cooling, which are the biggest contributors that drive up our electricity bills.


While there is nothing like growing your own produce and cooking with fresh ingredients, if you don’t have the time or the space for gardening, you can always put a few potted plants indoors which will add more oxygen around the house.


Green and sustainable homes can lower their dependence on municipal water supply by harvesting rainwater. Apart from that, you can also filter grey water drained from bathrooms, kitchens, and washing machines to nurture your garden.

Sustainable and green homes do not cost more

One of the biggest misconceptions people have is that sustainably developed green homes are more expensive, when its actually not true. Green homes may require more upfront installation costs, but they end up saving you a lot of money over time.

For instance, energy efficient appliances may seem expensive to start off, but they end up saving several thousands in electricity bills throughout the years. The same goes for solar heater installations as well.

Not to mention, the feeling that you are able to leave the planet a better place for your future generations is unparalleled.

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Choose a green home

Buying a green home today has become a great investment, rather than an expense. Keeping the environment and our home buyer’s opinions in mind, The Baya Company has been installing solar heaters in all the latest projects to reduce energy consumption, such as The Baya Victoria in Byculla.

Green homes are more durable, profitable, and healthier to live in. With proper planning and sustainable choices, you can turn your home into a green home as well.

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