The Power of Colours

Chromotherapy, also known as Colour Therapy, is based on various studies and research that believes that each colour has its own vibrations which in turn works with your vibrations to affect your mood. Each of us must’ve observed that different colours tend to affect our moods drastically. And keeping this aspect in mind, a lot of designers have been using chromotherapy in the interior space and encouraging experimentation with different colours. With each colour being symbolic for something unique, using this technique when setting up your home can significantly add to your progress and well-being.

It is believed that choosing your colour scheme along with the function of the room is beneficial to make the most of your home and onset your progress. To incorporate the perfect colours for your home, start by demarking each space and its function. Post that, look at your needs and situation and your mental space to assess what you need to drive your growth. Each colour has different vibrations and elements that will enable your life in different aspects. And each colour should be decided on the basis of the room’s function.

Violet or Purple is perfect for the bedroom or lounge area as this colour signifies rest, relaxation and spirituality. This colour palette encourages optimism and aids in sleeping well and destressing because of its calming vibrations. The calming nature aids in better cognitive responses and heightens awareness and focus. This makes it the perfect colour scheme for the bedroom or children’s room and play area.

The colours Red and Orange are known to be inspiring and energetic colours. These warm toned hues are believed to stimulate ideas and increase energy levels and boost up your mood. Associated with happiness, appetite and creativity, this colour scheme is perfect for dining areas and the kitchen as it works well to inspire creative conversations, health and ideas. These colours are also associated with being more alert and sharp as they are eye-catching colours and hence also work well with developing observational skills.

Yellow is another warm toned, bright colour which is associated mainly with happiness and has welcoming vibrations. The pigment is known to heighten cognitive skills and boost confidence. The sunshine energy of the colour is known to work well with communication skills and enable you to be cheerful. This colour is perfect for the living room or any area which sees a lot of conversations or hosting. You can incorporate shades of yellow smartly through paintings or statement pieces that will bring out any room.

The cool toned colours Blue and Green encourage healing, serenity, peace and well-being. Universally, these colours are a favourite as they are easy on the eye and make you feel calm. These colours are usually associated with the words serene and nature. Since these are shades prevalent in nature, they are associated with the calm seas, trees and silent open spaces. These shades are perfect for healing or meditation spaces as their vibrations and aesthetic work to create a harmonious energy in the room and your mind. Additionally, certain shades in these colour schemes can be used in the living room or bedroom on a statement wall to give your home a calming energy.

The monochrome shades White, Black and Grey are perhaps the most versatile colours when it comes to décor. They are shades that complement any colour and are associated with peace and safety. The neutral shades are perfect for those who want to maintain a neutral energy in their home. These colours can be complemented with statement pieces or paintings to suit your tastes and requirements. Moreover, these shades give you the benefit of being able to update your home’s energies based on different situations or needs via paintings, furniture, etc without having to repaint your entire home.

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